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(or don’t) I think you should do whatever you want.

Let's build your base (the brand), then whip up its home (the website) so you can attract customers, fans & followers who are as obsessed with you as I am. 

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We're flipping the script and rewriting the rules to create a visual identity that doesn't just speak to your fans – it makes them fall madly in love with you. 

Get all eyes on you with a website that works as hard as you do. If your brand's rocking a solid identity but lacks a killer website, I've got you covered.

For my rockstar clients who are ready to take over the internet. Get a complete brand package with a cutting-edge website designed to get you booked and all eyes on you.


Discovery Call
Color & Typography
Primary Logo
SecondarY LOGO
Brand guidelines

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks


Discovery Call
Website Strategy
5 PAGe showit website
MOBILE responsive design
HOW-to guide
video tutorials

Timeline: 3-4 Weeks


Discovery Call
Logo Package
Brand guidelines
5 page SHOWIT website
Instruction Guide / Vids

Timeline: 4-6 Weeks






Absolutely! I understand the importance of flexibility. Feel free to inquire about my flexible payment plans when we hop on our coffee chat!


Do you only work with bold brands?

Not at all! I'm open to collaborating with anyone ready to explore new things and elevate their brand presence.


Do you offer rebrandING?

Of course! Bring your own brand, and I will add the creativity and visual elements to help you stand out and fall in love with your brand. 


What are your timelines?

Not to brag, but I am pretty fast. On average, my project timelines range from 2 to 6 weeks - fast, functional, and fan-based.


Myself, and multiple Marketing & Sales members at Red Bull North America, have been working with Kimmy on design work for over 5+ years. She has always executed at the highest level and consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to fulfilling project orders for our Trade Marketing Assets. Red Bull has a very high standard for the way our product is displayed in the market (on/off premise, festivals & events) and she has been our go-to resource for ensuring our brand is always represented in the most premium way. Oftentimes we would have her do rush orders, “high stakes” projects and graphics for some of our biggest moments such as: Lollapalooza, Riot Fest, Kentucky Derby & Indy 500. It is extremely hard to find someone who possesses the skill set and attention to detail that Kimmy has!

Brad Becker

"she continues to impress and make our lives easy!

Sr. Manager, On Premise Marketing
 Red Bull North America

I'm the CEO of an Inc. 500 company and Kimmy has done our business cards, printed banners, web graphics, labels, document layouts, postcards, etc. The versatility is incredible, usually, people specialize in just one, but she does it all. The speed is also second to none. If I'm in a pinch I can always count on Kimmy to make it happen, sometimes on the same day when there is something urgent. This year when my company appeared in Time Magazine and the editors asked for 1 photo to represent us, we submitted one made by Kimmy Tran. Fast, versatile, and top quality. What more can you ask for."

Jeffrey Vinokur

"Kimmy Tran has been our graphic designer since day one.

Founder and CEO
Generation Genius

Kimmy is a true professional, embodying the spirit of hard work and creativity. Her tireless efforts and innovative ideas consistently shine through in the exceptional covers she produces. From day one, I was struck by her ability to take my vague concepts and turn them into stunning visual masterpieces that capture the essence of my work.

I wholeheartedly endorse Kimmy as a remarkable cover designer who has enriched my creative journey over the past eight years. Her hard work, boundless creativity, and willingness to go the extra mile make her an invaluable asset to any creative endeavor. I look forward to many more years of collaboration and witnessing her continued growth and success."

"I rely on Kimmy not just as a designer,
but as a creative partner.

Nicole Fox

Author "The Queen of Dark Mafia Romance"

I go to her for all of the graphic design work I need for my business. She works with you start to finish to make sure that you’ll end up with designs that you’ll love. She’s my go-to recommendation for friends and business parters looking for someone to help revamp their brand, put together a pitch deck, or help create illustrations that convey the right message. I’ve heard raving reviews of her work from everyone I’ve sent her way. Thank you, Kimmy!"

"Kimmy is a dream to work with.

Mallory Ditchey, M.A.

Admissions Essay Coach & Educational Consultant
Great Minds Education Consultants, LLC

She is able to articulate through her visuals and presentations incredible designs that capture complex and quantitative information.  She has mastered the ability to take an investment manager’s story, strategy or message and bring it to life on the page.  She has built our entire suite of marketing materials and I am confident these documents will help us raise significant capital from investors.  She is like an extension of my team and an incredibly value resource."

"the highest quality design that I have seen in my 20 years in the financial services industry.

Andrea Brezing

Finback Investment Partners

We’ve used Kimmy for several design and corporate packages (logo, business cards, letterhead, etc.). She has always done a magnificent job, is very creative and has gone above and beyond in getting us our designs quickly and made revisions promptly when we changed our minds and needed additional tweaking. Kimmy has always been able to make our visions come to life.

This past weekend, I had a neighbor ask if anyone knew a graphic designer. I forwarded Kimmy’s contact info to him and told him he wouldn’t be disappointed. Kimmy has been a joy to work with over the years."

"I couldn’t recommend a graphic designer more highly.

Hans Herrmann


Kimmy possesses a rare and remarkable ability to seamlessly fuse her design expertise with the unique vision and style of her clients. What sets her apart is her uncanny knack for understanding and embracing our design preferences, while infusing her distinct brand personality into every project.

Working alongside Kimmy Tran has been a privilege and a true partnership. Her artistic prowess, collaborative spirit, and unwavering commitment to excellence have elevated our projects and enriched our brand identity. As we continue to forge ahead, I am confident that she will remain an integral part of our creative journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Kimmy Tran to any organization seeking a visionary artist and designer who consistently delivers brilliance."

"The immediate aesthetic allure of her work captivates and resonates.

Laura Gratto

Director of Conversion Rate
Generation Genius








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