Portrait video shot and edited by Matt-Kun

My passion for expressing myself started before I can even remember. When all the kids were outside climbing trees and jumping on the trampoline, I was inside, coloring in coloring books and drawing. I knew that I would eventually turn that into a life-long happiness. Being anything other than an artist was never and will never be an option for me. Life is too short to be doing something you don't love. The most liberating moments I have are when I'm creating art or dancing - another one of my favorite methods of expression. I consider myself a well-rounded artist in that I enjoy drawing, painting, photography, designing, and dancing, but I decided to pursue the designer route as my ultimate career choice. My love for technology helps to bring together all my favorite mediums, and there is nothing more satisfying than helping others make their visions come to life.

My business focus is to collaborate my design style with my client's brand personality to market themselves in a way that's immediately aesthetically pleasing. Although I have a very specific style at first glance, I'm versatile to where I can take on any client, and seamlessly adhere their intentions to my own vision to create something they will be happy with. I strive to complete every project with the utmost efficiency with no loss to the quality of work.

My personal artistic focus over the years has always been to embrace every race, every personality, and every difference that human beings encompass, into all of my work. I promote racial tolerance and acceptance so that people can absorb the beauty emanating from various ethnicities. When someone takes a look at my art, I hope that they see not only the picture as a whole, but every feature that constitutes importance. I use specific colors that blend while also revealing vibrancy so they stand out against each other. This represents our society and the individuals within it. The soul of the pieces radiate from the characters' eyes, and even anything as simple as the reflected traditions are carefully immersed into the backgrounds. I strive to make it so that every person I choose to put in my work somehow exudes their own qualities and struggles they have to endure as an element of being diverse.

I see my potential role in affecting the world with my art. Not only does it give a visual into the emotions I have about the challenges people have to face when dealing with their identity, but it gives depth to the ideas that people need to start accepting in order to offer respect and appreciation to those who are different. I hope by sharing my talents, I can leave a positive impact on the way that people view minorities and possibly change the negative stereotypes that have cultivated over the years.

Art is one of the few things people from around the world can appreciate without words and explanations, and I love that it can bring people together to cause such a powerful impact.

MAKE ART. NOT WAR. There is too much beauty in the world for conflict, and my personal art is reflective of that.

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